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Experience the magic of this AI-powered image generator!

Transform your ideas into stunning visuals with just a prompt.

Unlock the potential of creativity and witness the beauty of phenomenal images at your fingertips!

How to use it

1) Login or purchase credits to begin creating images.

2) After logging in, you will be shown a prompt box (see below).


3) Within this box you will need to type in a prompt that AI will use to generate your bespoke image. Multiple images can be created using the same prompt but for each image that is created, you will be charged 1 credit.

4) Your generated image will open in a new window (please ensure pop-ups are not blocked or use the link to open the window). You will then be able to right-click on the image and save it to your local storage. For every image generation, you have full rights to the image including the right to reprint, sell, or merchandise it.


Check out the gallery below for examples of the prompts and the artwork that has been created:


Unlike other sites that will lock you into a subscription, with this site you pay for credits and use them up as and when you want without any concern over expiry.

1 credit is equivalent to producing a single image from a prompt.

£5 for 10 credits

£10 for 25 credits

£20 for 60 credits

If you are unable to purchase a plan using PayPal, you can request an invoice by sending the name and address of your school to matt@mathswhiteboard.com. Within the same email, please highlight the plan you would like to purchase.

For full terms and conditions of using this service, please click here.

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